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1.  Definitions


'Assignment' means the provision of services by the Services Provider, as agreed by the Client and the Services Provider.


'Client' means the person or firm or corporate body employing the services of the Services Provider.


'Services Provider' means JV Property Services Ltd., 100 St Mary’s Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 2NN



2.  The Agreement


  • These terms constitute an agreement between the Services Provider and the Client for the supply of services by the Services Provider to the Client

  • No variation of these terms shall be valid unless agreed in writing

  • JV Property Services Ltd. cannot be held liable to any party, including you the Client, or the landlord or tenant, for any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damage in connection with or arising out of these terms & conditions



3.  Charges


The Client agrees to pay the charges of the Services Provider as notified at the commencement of the Assignment. VAT is not applicable to these charges.


The Services Provider will charge for the following, in addition to the agreed completed Assignment:

The current charge for any Assignment or part thereof which cannot be undertaken due to non-compliance by the Client (in this instance, meaning Landlord or Tenant).


Cost of time, travel costs and other expenses for Assignments beyond the boundaries of normal operation, as agreed by the Service Provider and the Client.


Where an inspection is cancelled on the day of the visit, or where we are unable to gain access to the property at the agreed appointment time, The Service Provider reserves the right to make a charge of the full fee quoted.

Where a cancellation is made by the Client with 24 hours or more notice, no costs will be incurred. 

Charges may be made where the Service Provider incurs delays related to, for example, waiting more than 20 minutes beyond the appointment time for a tenant or client to arrive; where there is a delay in the provision of keys or documentation required; where items listed on the inventory have not been returned to the correct places and cannot be immediately located, or where something beyond their control prevents them gaining access to the property.

The charges will be invoiced to the Client on completion of an Assignment and are payable within 7 days of receipt of invoice – unless prior agreement has been made in this regard. The Service Provider reserves the right to charge a reasonable Admin Fee on any overdue invoices. We reserve the right to refuse service to consistent and persistent late paying clients. 


Any queries regarding the invoices must be notified to the Services Provider within 7 days of receiving the invoices. Queries raised against the invoice shall not preclude the Services Provider from seeking the full invoice value from the Client, subject to any changes raised by the query.


4.  Assignment


The Client shall contact the Service Provider – either by phone or in person to arrange an Assignment. This requested Assignment must be confirmed in writing to the Service Provider either in email form or by Works Order.


The Service Provider agrees to provide most services within a 48-hour period where possible. If the Service Provider is unable to provide a 48-hour service period for an Assignment, an alternative mutually agreeable time will be discussed and then confirmed in writing. 


5. Responsibilities


JV Property Services Ltd. will not accept any responsibility for variations in the property condition which may occur if a Landlord / Landlord’s agent enters the property prior to the official check out taking place. Any discrepancies – with regards the check-out process – and report must be notified to JV Property Services Ltd within 14-days. Beyond this period, no further discussions will be entered into. 


JV Property Services Ltd. cannot be held responsible and accepts no liability for errors arising in the Inventory and Schedule of condition where the inventory has had to be prepared in the following manner: 


  • If the Landlord, Tenant or any other parties are at the property at the time of the Inventory and Schedule of condition (ISC) make 

  • If the property has not been cleaned and made ready by the client prior to the ISC being made  


JV Property Services Ltd. will notify the Client of any remedial issues which are noted during the preparation of the ISC both verbally and in writing. JV Property Services Ltd. accepts no further responsibility if any remedial issues are not addressed prior to a tenancy starting. 


JV Property Services Ltd. will not accept any responsibility for damages / inventory discrepancies which occur if a check-in takes place after the Tenant has moved into the property.  


JV Property Services Ltd. accepts no liability or responsibility for any damages / discrepancies which come to light following the check-out inspection in instances where the property has not been prepared for check-out or cleaned to a standard where all fixtures and fittings can be easily inspected. The clerk will not discuss liability, repair costs or deposit deductions or returns either with the tenant or the landlord during the check-out.


If there is no original inventory available for comparison purposes then the Service Provider will prepare a report by way of a general, summarised overview of the property. However, JV Property Services Ltd. will not be in a position to include opinions on responsibility for any issues within the report. In such cases, the issues will be referred to the landlord or agent to determine responsibility.

6. Data Protection


JV Property Services Ltd. confirms no information will be passed to 3rd parties for the purposes of marketing without written consent being provided. All data is held securely on UK servers and is only passed to the Tenant, Landlord and Agent for the purpose for which it was intended. Data will be disposed of securely when no longer required.  


7. Health & Safety


Where it is deemed dangerous or a risk to health or safety to enter a Client property or any part of its interior or outbuildings associated with it, the clerk will not proceed and there will be no liability on our part for any costs or losses incurred as a result. The Service Provider will immediately inform the Client.

The Service Provider will not enter a property where:

  • There is a dog or other potentially dangerous or threatening animal present; there is evidence of pest or vermin infestation

  • There is fear of threat or violence

  • There is any risk at all to their health or safety

  • The Service Provider will not complete parts of the report relating to areas of the property that are not readily accessible. These include:

    • Basements and cellars; storage lofts that are not fully and legally converted and accessed by a fitted staircase

    • Locked rooms; any room or part of a property that appears in any way potentially hazardous


8.  Termination


The Client and the Service Provider may terminate an assignment with 48-hours’ notice.

The Agreement may be cancelled by giving one months’ notice in writing by either the Client or the Service Provider

1 Definitions
2 The Agreement
3 Charges
4 Assignment
5 Responsibilities
6 Data Protection
7 Health & Safety
8 Temination
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