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Senior Regional Lettings &
Sales Manager

Jo is an absolute pleasure to work with; she is incredibly accommodating when it comes to scheduling in inventories and check-ins, and flexible if changes occur. Her inventories are detailed and comprehensive, and comments always fair. Jo always has a positive attitude and is well liked amongst tenants, Landlords and anyone she meets.

Healy Nicholls Consulting

Jo has been our Inventory agent for two properties for the past 15 years and I couldn't recommend her highly enough. I value her expertise and attention to detail.and she is always available to provide objective and fair advice. 


Jo's inventories are extremely comprehensive and provide an accurate reflection of the property condition at both check-in and check-out. She provides a service that provides not only value for money but also peace of mind that, as a Landlord, you have an invaluable reference document. Her reports have on a number of occasions enabled us to negotiate with the tenant and reach an amicable settlement where there has been damage that goes beyond wear-and-tear. Jo also brings experience and insight that helps to moderate Landlords expectation in sometimes difficult negotiations. 


I look forward to continuing to work with Jo over the coming years.

Wood & Pilcher Lettings Manager

We have worked with Jo for many years and always found JV Property Services Ltd to be friendly, efficient and accommodating to any changes in arrangements which may be sprung upon us at short notice.


The Inventories provided are thorough and clear which makes the, sometimes arduous task of assessing changes in condition at the end of a Tenancy, a much simpler and transparent exercise for all parties. The experience and attention to detail is evident in all aspects of JV Inventories work.



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