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JV Property Services Ltd is a well-established inventory company offering inventory make, check-in and check-out services to Agents and Landlords. Our aim is ease the burden of landlords and agents with regards to the ongoing recording of the condition of the property – before, during and after a tenancy. Our written documentation, along with accompanying photographs are designed to be easy to understand, making it less stressful in resolving any disputes, should they occur. We are passionate about providing high quality work and fantastic customer service.

If you want to know more about what we do and how we do it, feel free to contact us directly – email  |  telephone.



Anna, Private Landlord

I’ve worked with Jo consistently on many tenancies over the past 10+ years and hugely value her straightforward approach and acute eye for detail. She is a great first point of contact for new tenants,  and is a super knowledgeable in all aspects of the inventory process regardless of whether you have previous landlord experience or not. I have recommended her previously, and would have no hesitation in continuing to do so again. 

Nicole, Private Landlord

Jo has been a tremendous help with our rental properties both in providing advice on how to deal with tenant damage but equally with her thorough check-in and check-out inventories. She is extremely professional in her dealings with Landlords and Tenants alike. Her reliability and quick turn around can always be counted on and I wouldn’t use anyone else! 


We have relied on Jo and JVP for almost 18 years. She is a real pleasure to work with: as well as being friendly and approachable, Jo is highly professional and hugely dependable. The quality of the inventories and property inspections are exceptional – always providing reliable, unambiguous and robust documents.”

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